SliXPring SliX-Trigger 1873 Uberti Rifles

If you have little or no idea how this trigger is supposed to work, STOP, get help or find someone who does know how to install.
1. Remove the stock, side plates, lever springs, side tang
screws and the main finger lever screw.
2. With the hammer in the full cock position, remove the trigger frame (bottom tang assembly)
3. With the tang assembly accessible (see above), use a small punch and drift the trigger/sear pin from the left side only half way out (see below). Do not push the pin so far the sear is released and falls out!
4. Once the pin is driven one-half way out and the punch is removed notice the sear remains in place when the original trigger is removed. (see below).
5. Now, merely replace the original trigger with the SliX-Trigger making certain it contacts the trigger spring properly, reset the pin flush to the tang. Your sear and trigger spring are not affected and remain the same as originally set.
6. Re-assemble the rifle.
Note: If you are very clever you can disassemble the rifle to the removal of the finger lever screw and merely rotate the tang assembly downward a bit and drift the pin out and replace the trigger without completely removing the lower tang assembly. Your mileage may vary.
Good Luck and Enjoy!!