SliXPring Scrapper Instructions

Removes Carbon/Lead fouling collected in the front of .357 Magnum, 44 Magnum and 45 Colt chambers after shooting any shorter cartridges. 
Significantly reduces throat erosion
Easy BREECH access to clean rifle chambers
Designed to fit standard 8-32 cleaning rod-tip threads
Convenient "Right Hand" turn for Rifle cleaning Rods
Slotted base for "Left Hand" turn for pistol cylinder chambers
Absolutely no impact on your present Chamber Dimensions!
TK4B Enterprises, makers of SliXPrings products, announces a new innovation, theSliX-Scraper, for removing that very hard carbon/lead build-up that adheres in .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and 45 Colt chambers when shorter caliber ammunition is continually fired through them. As is evident when comparing .44 Special and .44 Magnum case lengths, there is at least .100", or 1/10th inch difference. Every time a loaded shorter 44 cartridge is fired there is a certain amount of "ejecta" that is deposited in this gap and eventually the collection impairs chambering and accuracy in successive rounds. At best, it merely advances throat erosion. 
Before attempting to design a tool to address this condition, we asked several long time shooters how they corrected the problem. Replies varied from they don't to using sharp picks and a drill!! Knowing that there are many using shorter .44 ammo in .44 Magnum chambers, and that the condition was not going away, we took a stab and making a .44 Scraper like the previous.357 and .45's.
After receiving numerous requests  for a .44 scraper, it was decided to produce one for the market, you folks. So, here it is. 
Now, as you can see below, there is a complete family of "SliX-Scrapers" for continued efficiency and accuracy in all of your firearms.
The whole SliX-Scraper family is made of a high strength alloy, heat treated blued. 
They are all dimensioned to stringent SAAMI specifications and has a miniscule chance of even touching your hard chamber, The threaded end attaches to any standard cleaning rod with an 8-32 female thread and in this configuration offers an easy RIGHT hand twist of a few turns with a LIGHT pull to remove years of collected hard lead and powder residue at the front of any chamber, To remove the collected ejecta from any pistol cylinder chamber merely place the SliX-Scraper into the chamber and, using a thin slotted screwdriver turn it to the LEFT! In either case, you can easily feel when the chamber is clear. Please see the photos below for application.