SliXprings TNN Sear Instructions

1. Remove the left and right side-lock plates.
2. Remove the main spring, or capture it to reduce pressure on the seat and "Bridle". (the "bridle" is the part you have to remove to install the spring AND, it must be relieved to allow the spring to fit)
3. Mark the Bridle to allow a width of at least .125" (1/8") clearance, as simulated below. (see the pencil lines)
4. Remove at least .035" deep cut of material from the marked area. See the cuts below. (Mill the depth, file it, use your handy Dremel, anyway you can remove the material is your choice)
It is ok if you happen to mill, or file, off some of the bridle stud. And, if you hit the trigger guide hole, just ream or drill it back. 
5. With the lock assembly relaxed, install the spring. It should look like this: (notice, the main spring has been removed, it is easier that way!)
6. Obviously, the last step is the re-fitting of the bridle, and it should look like this:
7. Good Luck, and good shooting!