SliXprings Lever Springs 1860 Henry, 1866 & 1873 Rifles Instructions

Adjustable & More Durable Replacements for
1860 Henry, 1866 & 1873 Rifles
If you have little or no idea how these springs are supposed to work, STOP, get help or find someone who does know how to install them. Due to all the variations in machining tolerances on the different rifles this in NOT a "one-size-fits-all-perfectly" drop-in kit. It may/will take some individual fitting.
1. Remove the side-plates and old springs.
2 Open the SilXprings kit, inspect the spring ends and polish to remove any burrs. (you may have to re-do this during fitting)
3. Place the finger lever spring block over the respective screw hole. (be sure the radius end is down and toward the front of the rifle)
4. Start the screw, then rotate the spring and block to parallel with the axis of the rifle. (be ABSOLUTELY certain the spring "tab" is located completely on the lever cam surface and firmly against the finger lever body)
5. Tighten the screw until you get the desired pressure, being ever aware of the position of the spring tab on the cam. If proper location in NOT apparent when smooth proper pressure is achieved, bend the tab to the best location.
[Optimum smooth operational adjustment means that the carrier will HOLD at the top of its stroke with a loaded round, "Hold" means that the carrier will not start to fall, or drop, without some noticeable thumb or finger pressure. Hold for the finger lever means that it will not open or dangle when carried, or snap closed from the open position when staged smartly on the ground] You may not be done with this side yet! Install the sideplate and turn the rifle on the side with a hard block supporting the sideplate, so it won't come off or move. Check to be sure the loading gate clears the spring block. If necessary, trim some from the bottom of the loading gate to clear.
6. Install the spring for the carrier lever in the same manner as the carrier spring, and tighten until there is a slight pressure on the spring. 
7. NOW, the fitting begins, so be tolerant and careful.
8. Either eyeball, measure or fit to see if the sideplate will go back on flush with the frame. [The spring tabs may be longer than required, so you may have to trim one, or both, to get a proper fit. Proper fit is, when the springs are installed, there is no more than approximately .005" clearance between the "tab" and the sideplates when the end is touching the finger lever. Ideally, the spring tab ends will just barely rub against both the finger lever and the sideplate]
9. When you have to trim the spring tab, start with the carrier side and trim no more than enough to let the finger lever hang, at rest, in the free vertical position, in other words, don't have a lot of pressure on it so it binds on the pivot screw. 
10. When both tabs have clearance and the sideplates fit, assemble the rifle and test for smooth action operation. Now you can finely adjust the springs to suit your ammunition, shooting style and speed.