SliXprings 1878 TTN Shotguns Top Lever Spring Instructions

Stronger, Smoother & More Durable Top Lever Spring For
1878 TTN Shotguns
Want a smoother, more dependable replacement?
Just announced by TK4B Enterprises, LLC, is a newly designed and developed top lever spring especially for those officiadoes in the Classic Cowboy category. The spring is designed merely to replace the stiff, and most times, unevenly ground, existing cast spring on properly tuned and fitted 1878, TTN shotguns. Field tests by local TTN shooters over the past several weeks have proven the spring will guarantee a solid lockup and reduce opening pressure significantly. Like most of TK4B products, it is manufactured with music wire stock and after forming is heat set to reduce any subsequent set, or reduction in power. Inappropriate installation procedures can destroy or reduce its effectiveness. 
Because there are so many different pressures, tolerances and dimensions between production runs and even individual shotgun, this is not totally a drop-in replacement. Although we have watched adequate gun repairman correctly install the spring, and if you have a little experience with working on them, go for it, but we encourage you to contact your local smith or turner. Incidentally, during our first tries at installing the new spring we "Twanged" two across the shop. 
Prior to attempting to install this spring, it will be necessary to tune and fit the rest of the action. Specifically, be certain that the locking bold slides freely and smoothly within the action frame. This spring will not actuate a binding or misfitting bolt.
The only critical issue while installing the spring is to be certain that the "LONG" leg of the spring MUST be placed into the detent in the FRAME of the block, then obviously, the short leg attaches into the lever drum detent. Yes, one IS longer! Notice it is on the right side in the above picture. It isn't that much longer, but it is longer, and it has to be against the frame for it to work properly. 
The manufactures want to clearly point out that if your shotgun has not been fitted and tuned and/or have a little or no idea how these springs are supposed to fit and work, get help or find someone who does know how to install them. Due to all variations in machining tolerances, this is not a "one-size-fits-all- perfectly" drop-in set.. It may take some individual fitting. 
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**Made in the United States of America