’73 UN-Jammer Tool for Revolver Holster or Belt  Palo Verde 1873 Rifle / Clone

’73 UN-Jammer Tool for Revolver Holster or Belt Palo Verde 1873 Rifle / Clone

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hunting and shootingPalo Verde ’73 UN-Jammer Tool Revolver Holster or Belt design 1873 Clone


The Winchester 1873 rifle design is a very reliable design but they do sometimes jam and it is almost always due to an ammo problem. A jammed rifle can cost you up to 50 seconds in penalties, cost you your clean match, and send you to the unloading table. We have all seen people at the unloading table totally disassembling their rifle to clear a jammed ‘73. You don’t need to do that.

The included DVD shows how to clear the 3 common ‘73 rifle jams on-the-clock and how to empty the magazine tube without disassembling the gun. Has detailed explanations of what’s going on inside the gun when it jams and when you are un-jamming it.

Choice of two different sheath (tool holder) styles: Hang on your belt or attach to your revolver holster. The sheath that attaches to your revolver holster comes with two Chicago screws for ease of attachment.
The tool is specially sized to be able to reach down inside the rifle mechanism and un-jam your gun. It’s pretty tight in there and only the Palo Verde Tool can slide in to do the magic.

Spring steel blade, stainless steel guard, beautiful antler handle, quality leather sheath. All American made.

Can also be used to “snug-up” a loose screw.